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PTE Tips

PTE exam has four sections – Speaking and Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking. It is important to know the format of each section and the types of questions asked in each section.


Listening Skill

Listening evaluates your capacity to comprehend spoken English in an academic environment. Also, it assesses your capacity for comprehending a range of accents, both native and foreign. You must be able to comprehend an audio or video recording of an actual lecture, presentation, or piece of academic dialogue if you want to pass a listening test.

Reading Skill

Reading skill require that you comprehend an original text from a scholarly source. There are authentic texts provided regarding academic topics in the humanities, sciences, or social sciences. All the knowledge you need to answer the questions is in the texts, despite the fact that you might not be familiar with the topics covered. Types of reading items are not timed separately.

Speaking Skill

D calls for verbal responses that are easily understood by the majority of native speakers of the language, with fluent speech, appropriate intonation, stress, and pronunciation. PTE Academic accepts regional and national variation in English pronunciation to an extent that is understandable to the majority of native English speakers. There is no separate timing for Speaking. The timer labeled "Section Time Remaining" in the upper right corner of the computer screen will show you how much time is left in the speaking part.

Writing Skill

Writing skill requires your response must be written in fora mal academic style. English that uses proper grammar and spelling. English spelling conventions from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are recognised by PTE Academic. Nevertheless, a standard time limit of 40, 50, or 60 minutes should be followed, depending on the combination of items in a particular test. Each sort of writing assignment has a time limit. The l can be consistently referred to in a particular response. The writing timer's total completion time is indicated by the "Section Time Remaining" countdown in the upper right corner of the computer screen.

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